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SPOTICAR approved used cars

Buying a used car can be daunting, there are so many options out there to select from when deciding what your next vehicle should be. To make it easier we have numerous buying guides to help you navigate through your choices and find the right vehicle for you and your needs. 

Category Choice

Selecting the category of vehicle is the first step to finding your next used car, vehicle categories are often the easiest choice when selecting what type of vehicle best suits your needs. There are several vehicle categories to choose from, these specify how the vehicle is going to be used and how it fits in with your current lifestyle. 

How to buy a used SUV 

An SUV or sports utility vehicle combines elements of an off-road vehicle along with elements of passenger cars designed for the road. These vehicles are higher up off the road to allow for more visibility and offer spacious insides, along with a stylish look and safety features. Take a look at our approved used SUVs for sale. 

Our used commercial vehicles 

If you’re looking for a vehicle to suit your business or work needs we have a great selection of approved used commercial vehicles. From small vans to pick-up trucks, large vans and commercial cars there is something for every business need. Take a look at our approved used vans for sale. 

What are the best used family cars (MPV) for sale 

MPV stands for multiple purpose vehicles, these vehicles are often also referred to as people carriers, which helps explain their purpose slightly better. They’re ideal for large families as they often have 6 seats or more and have space to cater for luggage as well as multiple family members. View our current approved used family cars for sale. 

What are the best used hatchback cars for sale 

Hatchbacks are a very popular type of car, they offer the flexible boot space where the seats can be folded down to accommodate more cargo in the boot area. The boot and the back window are connected as one entity making parking and visibility easier. These types of vehicles often come with 5 seats and are great for smaller families or individuals to use as transport on a daily basis.  

Buying a used city car

Most manufacturers have their own city car. These compact run-arounds are designed, developed and manufactured with tricky urban traffic in mind. Find out more about buying a used city car.

Buying a used saloon car

Saloons are known for their exceptional road handling. In a nutshell? A comfy ride for both the driver and their passengers. Read more about buying a used saloon car.

Buying a used 4x4

Buying a used 4x4 with SPOTiCAR couldn’t be easier, we look at some of the benefits of 4x4 vehicles and the popular models on the market. 

Gearbox Choice 

The choice of gearbox can be a critical decision for some drivers, depending on your license restrictions. Some drivers are only eligible to drive automatic vehicles and some may just prefer the ease of an automatic gearbox. 

Buying a used automatic car 

Used automatic vehicles offer the convenience and ease of not needing to change gear. Automatic cars are becoming more popular than ever as drivers want to take advantage of automatic gearboxes, we have a great selection of approved used automatic cars for sale at SPOTiCAR. 

Approved used manual cars for sale 

Manual cars are the more traditional vehicle option. Manual vehicles are typically more fuel efficient which allows savings to be made on the cost of fuel and the price of road tax. We have a huge range of approved used manual cars for sale at SPOTiCAR.  

Fuel Type

Fuel type can be another key deciding factor when selecting the best vehicle to suit your needs. We have a range of different approved used vehicles with varying fuel types for sale at SPOTiCAR, this includes electric, hybrid, diesel and petrol cars. 

Buying a second hand petrol car 

Petrol cars are the most popular type of car on the market today, they are great for most uses including short daily trips around town or commuting to a place of work.

We have a huge range of used approved petrol cars available to purchase through SPOTiCAR. 

Should I buy a second hand diesel car? 

Diesel cars are ideal for those making frequent longer trips as they are often more fuel efficient. Diesel vehicles also produce more torque, which is better for towing other vehicles such as caravans or trailers or carrying heavy loads on a regular basis.  

Price Point 

The price of a vehicle is what often encourages the purchase of used over new cars, used cars are much more affordable and with our used approved checks you can be sure the quality of the used cars from SPOTiCAR meet your expectations. Within the used car market there are still huge variations in price points, no matter how much you can afford we have an approved used vehicle to suit your needs. 

Our Premium Cars 

Buying a used car doesn’t mean you have to settle for something old and out of date. We have a great range of premium approved used cars for sale at SPOTiCAR.

Financing a used car

Financing a used vehicle can sometimes be confusing with a range of finance options available, so check our simple guide to help explain the finance options available.

The Car Make

Car make and model are very important factors when selecting the best approved used vehicle suited for your needs. Many buyers have preferences when it comes to deciding what car brand and model to purchase. Take a look at our guides below to selecting an approved used vehicle based on car make and model. 

Buying a used Abarth

Now part of the Stellantis group, Abarth continues to fulfil car-lovers' dreams with its city cars and sports coupés. Discover all the used Abarth models available from the SPOTiCAR network!

Buying a used Alfa Romeo

With strong, historical links to the motorsport world, Alfas are famous for pushing the boundaries of innovation and being packed full of Italian style. Though more recent models, such as the Giulia and Stelvio have been developed to meet the practical demands of everyday car users, they still hold enough power and performance to satisfy any petrolhead.  

Buying a used Audi

When we talk about Audi, we immediately think of characteristic design, powerful engines, premium quality and latest generation driving assistance equipment. These exceptional cars do not lose their quality once they arrive on the second-hand market.

Buying a used BMW

From premium SUV's, to comfortable Saloons, or sporty convertibles, BMW has some popular cars available.

Approved Used Citroën 

Citroën has become one of the best selling car brands in the UK for many years, the French car manufacturer is known for creating quality vehicles with key innovative features. Browse our range of used approved Citroën vehicles by model below: 

Approved used DS 

DS is a premium French car maker that offers innovation and style. We have a number of approved used DS vehicles for sale including the models listed below: 

Approved used Fiat

Whether it's a Fiat 500, Fiat 500X or Fiat Panda?  Maybe a Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Doblo or Fiat Tipo, Fiat is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy.  They are known for their attractive design, innovation, luxury and performance. We have a great range of used Fiat cars for sale. 

Buying a used Ford 

Ford is a very well known reliable car manufacturer with a long history creating dependable vehicles across all types including ford hatchbacks, family cars, commercial vehicles and many more. Take a look and find your next approved used Ford from SPOTiCAR. 

Buying a used Honda

Honda is known for producing incredibly reliable and family-friendly cars. Every car is designed to be comfortable, value for money, and of high quality.

Buying a used Hyundai

Hyundai has won numerous awards for its reliability and safety, with models in the range an excellent choice for families.

Approved used Jeep

Jeep vehicles have reliability, toughness and individuality in their DNA., but which model should you choose?

Buying a used Kia

Buying a used kia offers great value and a market leading 7-year warranty.  When you’re buying a nearly new Kia you can rest in the knowledge that issues are covered by Kia for a full 7 years, a great benefit and peace of mind for all Kia owners.  
Kia's extensive electric line up may be more appealing:

Buying a used Mazda

Mazda is known for its engine technology, reliability and quality vehicles. We look at the popular Mazda models and their benefits to help you decide which Mazda to choose as your next used car.  

Buying a used Mercedes

The positive reputation and the huge range of Mercedes vehicles make their cars and vans a popular choice on the used market.

Buy a used Mini

The iconic small car with huge personality

Buying a used Nissan 

Nissan creates reliable and efficient cars for every driver's need. This Japanese company is known for their good value and great performance, you’re sure to find an approved used Nissan to suit your needs at SPOTiCAR.

Approved Used Peugeot 

An approved used Peugeot offers all of the great benefits of a new Peugeot with a lower price tag. Peugeots are great value for money and are versatile, reliable and handle excellently. Take a look at our guides on buying an approved used Peugeot by model below:  

Buying a used Renault 

Renault has a great selection of vehicles on offer, Renault are known for their reliability and efficiency. At SPOTiCAR we have a great selection of used approved Renault cars for sale. 

Buy a used SEAT

Now part of the Volkswagen AG Group, SEAT mixes elements of Italian design, German precision and a Spanish spirit!

Buy a used Skoda

Skoda have become known for producing comfortable, and reliable cars that have a range of useful technology.  

Buying a used Suzuki

Suzuki is renowned for producing a quirky range of vehicles. With a unique heritage and variety of models available, Suzukis are also a popular choice on the used market. Find out about how to find the right one for your needs with the SPOTiCAR guide.  

Buying a used Toyota 

Approved used Toyotas offer the chance to get innovative technology and design at a fraction of the cost of a new Toyota car. Take a look at our approved used Toyota vehicles for more information.  

Approved Used Opel

Opel  has a number of cars and commercial vehicles in many different categories, Opel cars are solidly built, practical and efficient to run. We have a great range of approved used Opel cars at SPOTiCAR. Browse our range of used approved Opel cars available by model: 

Buying a used Volkswagen 

Volkswagen is a trusted brand of car, offering German engineering and quality, we have a great range of approved used Volkswagen vehicles available at SPOTiCAR. 

Buy a used  Volvo

Volvo have a strong reputation for safety and a comfort.  Get some SPOTiCAR tips on how to find the best Volvo for you.

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GA

  • 68,291 km
  • Petrol
  • 2021
  • Manual

R 154 995

Suzuki Celerio 1.0 GA

  • 67,381 km
  • Petrol
  • 2022
  • Manual

R 134 995

Suzuki Ciaz 1.5 GL Auto

  • 71,653 km
  • Petrol
  • 2021
  • Automatic

R 174 995

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